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Weligama beach for surf beginners

Those who have visited weligama beach at least once know that Weligama beach is the best beach to begin surfing in Sri Lanka. 
That’s why the main beach of weligama is called as “Beginners surf beach”. 

Why weligama beach is so good for beginners?

The main reason for that, is weligama beach is a long sandy beach and it has a little depth. But it has amazing waves. Also, there are more than 100 surf schools with experienced surfers near weligama beach. 

Weligama beach is also good for less-confident swimmers. Even if you cant swim well, still you can learn to surf here. That is an another reason for people to select Weligama beach as the beginning place. 

Where to surf on Weligama beach?

weligama satelite view weligamabeach.com

There are few major places to surf on weligama beach. Weligama has three main surf beaches.
they are,

1.Weligama beginners surf beach
2.Mirissa beach
3.Midigama beach

1. Weligama beginners surf beach

weligama beginners surf beach

The beginners surf beach is situated in the weligama,pelana area. (200- 300 meters away from the weligama main city). 

As I mentioned before, this beach is the perfect beach for absolute beginners. That doesn’t mean this beach is not good for experienced surfers. Weligama beginners surf beach is, also good for experienced surfers.

Compared to the other 2 beaches (midigama beach and mirissa beach), weligama beginners surf beach has a less depth.

Also there are no rocks or reefs under the water, so this beach is extremely safe for surfers.  

There are more than 50 surf schools on beginners surf beach. You can rent a surfboard from one of them. 

If you are a beginner you can also hire an instructor to learn the basics and increase your surf skills. 

2. Mirissa beach

mirissa beach weligamabeach.com

Mirissa beach is situated in mirissa. About 15 minutes / 6km away from weligama. A TukTuk will be a great option to travel to mirissa beach. Unlikely the weligama beginners surf beach, mirissa beach is not visible too much to the main road but it is very close to the main road. 

Mirissa beach is suitable for intermediate or experienced surfers. If you are a beginner better to stick with weligama beach.
Unlikely the weligama beginners surf beach there are not too many surf schools in mirissa beach. But you will be able to find a few of them near mirissa beach. Also, you will be able to rent a surfboard near mirissa beach.

3. Midigama beach

sami surfography midigama beach

Midigama is 10 minutes / 5km away from Weligama city. A TukTuk will be a great option to travel midigama. you will find the beach right next to the main road. Midigama beach is also not a long beach unlikely the weligama beach.

Midigama beach is perfect for intermediate or experienced surfers. Waves are perfect and long in there. Also, there are some reefs and rocks on the Midigama beach. 

Unlike the Weligama beach, midigama beach is not a too crowded beach. There will be only a few surfers and visitors there.

There are few surf spots in midigama beach. They are Rams, Coconuts, Plantation Point, Lazy Left, and Lazy Right. Also you will be able to rent a surfboard there.

What else to do on Weligama beaches?

As you already know that Weligama is a beautiful city with beautiful beaches, there are a lot of things that you can do other than surfing. If you are coming to weligama just for surfing don’t forget to do and see these things as well. 

1. Whale watching in mirissa.
2. Diving in mirissa.
3. Seeing sunset in weligama.
4. Joining to night beach parties in Weligama,mirissa, or midigama.
5. Visit the secret beach in mirissa.
6. Visit mirissa coconut hill – an amazing place to take photos of you
7. Watch Fishermans in midigama beach.

to read more about, things you can do in weligama read this article: Top 10 things to do in Weligama.

fishing midigama


There are 3 main beaches to surf in weligama. They are beginners surf beach, mirissa beach, midigama beach. as your skills, it depends where to surf. If you are a beginner the best beach for you is weligama beginners surf beach. For intermediate and experienced surfers all these three beaches are good to surf. There is a list of things you can do other than surfing in Weligama beach. Don't forget to do them as well if you are coming just for surfing.



Hello, Im a content writter, Traveler who lives in weligama area.

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