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Top 10 things to do in Weligama

Weligama is one of the top tourist attraction areas in Sri Lanka.

Weligama is very famous for the beautiful beaches, golden sun and many fun activities you can do there. You can do many things when you visit Weligama, from relaxing under the golden sun to site seeing by bicycle to more adventurous surfing.

In this article, we are going to cover the top 10 activities you can do when you visit Weligama. You can either pick one or two or you can pick all ten to make your visit more memorable and more fun.


things to do in weligama beach - surf

When we talk about Weligama, the first thing that pops into our mind is surfing.

Surfing is one of the most enjoyable water sports. Sri Lanka is famous for the best and safe surfing spots and Weligama is one of them. Weligama surf is safe even if you are a beginner as some areas have small consistent waves.

Don’t worry if you are an advanced surfer who looks for challenges because many surf spots outside Weligama bay can offer you a good challenge or you just can paddle out further and find some bigger waves.

Because of the seasonal patterns in Sri Lanka from November to April, this area is best to surf in Sri Lanka.

Even if you are a beginner you can you can get professionals to help by joining one of the surf schools available in this area.

Follow are some best-reviewed surfing schools and camps you can join to improve your surfing skills during your stay in Weligama;

These places also offer their services to advanced surfers.

  • Ama surf school Weligama

This surfing school is located at Weligama bypass rd, Weligama. They offer beginner classes, intermediate and advanced classes. They also offer group lessons and private lessons according to your preference. You can also hire a personal surf instructor if you like.

  • Luky’s surf school

Lucky’s surf school is also located at Weligama bypass road. This surf school is known for its friendly surfing staff who are always there to help you. They offer many surf lesson packages for affordable prices.

  • Blue Wave surf school Weligama

This surf school offers surf lessons for affordable prices and you can rent your surfing gear from here for a fair price. Have a professional and friendly staff who are easy to work with.

  • Freedom surf school

This surf school is located in the Weligama bay area. Have an experienced and professional staff. They are very supportive and will offer you a surf lesson that is worth your money and time. You can also rent your surf gear from here.


weligama beach yoga

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Yoga is one of the best ways to improve your mind and body connection.

Improving yoga postures, movement, and breathwork will help you to become more flexible and you will get more control over your body movements.

Practicing yoga will also help you to correct your postures, increase mindfulness, and relieve stress and physical pain.

If you are in love with activities that require balance such as surfing, yoga will help you to improve your balance and to have balanced and controlled body movements.

There are many yoga classes you can attend during your stay in Weligama. Some yoga classes are offered separately but most classes are offered by either restaurant or surf camps.

Follow are some best-reviewed yoga classes in Weligama;

  • Green Peace Inn

Green peace inn is a hotel situated in Weligama. You can take yoga classes during your stay. This yoga place is great to improve your yoga postures and breathwork. The instructors are capable of making you feel safe and calm throughout your lessons.

  • Kosala yoga

Kosala yoga center is conducted by Guru Kosala at Gangarama temple, Weligama. You can book one of his classes by contacting him. The instructor is knowledgeable and will support you to have a good yoga experience during your stay.

  • ME yoga villa

This yoga class is situated at Pitiduwa rd, Grubebila, Weligama, 2 km s away from the famous Kushtaraja gala. You can take yoga classes during your stay here. The location is nice, calm, and peaceful. So you can have a good yoga experience during your stay. You can get more information by visiting their site and contacting them.

3. Diving and snorkeling 

diving weligama beach

Photo by Bagus Tri Kuncoro .J from Pexels

Diving and snorkeling both allow you to get an underwater experience and get closer to beautiful magnificent sea creatures.

While scuba diving allows you to dive deeper into the sea snorkeling only allows you to submerge a very small depth from the surface.

Scuba diving is costs you more than snorkeling as it needs more gear and safety certification etc. If you are not a qualified, professional scuba diver you must not dive without an instructor.

So, the following are some good dive centers in Weligama that offer you great service to have a great experience underwater safely;

  • Weligama Bay Dive Center

This dive center offers PADI scuba courses from open water to Divemaster. Or you can just dive if you are not interested in courses or if it is your first time. The staff is well trained and professional so you do not have to worry about safety.  They are very supportive and friendly with good communication skills so feel free to address any concerns you have.

  • Turtle Bay Activities

If you are in love with turtles this place is definitely for you. The staff is well-trained and professional staff who will guide you through your diving/ snorkeling tour safely. They will make sure to give you the best experience. The staff is good at communication so do not hesitate to ask any questions. Also, you can arrange hotel pickup and return from the place you stay by contacting them.

  • Adventure with Alex

Adventure with Alex provides services like snorkeling, whales watching, surf lessons, and river safari. You can also book your tour guide from here. The staff is well trained and professional and will make sure to give you a great experience as much as possible. Easy and good communication so you can easily address any questions or concerns you have.

4. Jet Skiing and other water sports

jet skiing weligama beach

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

If you are a person who likes to play in the sea rather than relax on the beach then you should go to one of the water sports centers near Weligama. You can get the thrilling pleasure with safety.

  • Jet water sports - Mirissa

This water sports center is situated in Mirissa the neighboring town of Weligama. They have many water sports such as; jet skiing, banana boat, sofa ride, tube ride, and donut ride. They also offer boat rides and kayaking rides which are also excited as other water sports offered by this center.

5.Whale Watching 

Whale watching is very famous in Weligama – Mirissa area. Most whale watching centers are located in Mirissa (neighbor town of Weligama). Anyone who visits Weligama never forgets to visit Mirissa for whale watching.

Mirissa's whale watching season is from November to April.  

In these tours you can expect to see;

  • Blue whales
  • Sperm  whales
  • Pilot whales
  • Killer Whales
  • False Killer whales
  • Bryde’s whale
  • Bottlenose dolphins
  • Stripped dolphins
  • Spotted dolphins
  • Spinner dolphins
  • Rissos dolphins
  • Fish species
  • Turtles

The experience you can get while watching these magnificent sea creatures is amazing. The experience can be varied by the center/ tour agency you choose.

Keep in mind that they cannot 100% guarantee that these tours can spot the whales all the time. but most of the time they do. Also, these tours can be time-consuming and most likely to be 3 – 5 hours long according to the whale spotted time. So make sure to be patient and join the tour without a rush and have a free schedule to enjoy this experience.

Follow are some best-reviewed tour agencies for whale watching;

  • Whale watching club

This tour agency is located at harbor rd, Mirissa. They offer their services from July to May. You can also arrange additional tours according to the weather.  The tour includes breakfast, morning tea/ coffee with snacks. You can get your appointment by contacting them. the staff is professional and good at communication. So you can communicate well with them and ask for more information about your tour.

Also, they are friendly and supportive and will help you if you feel uncomfortable at the sea.

  • Nathalia Cruise Mirisssa

This tour agency is located at Galle road, Mirissa. They are good at providing their services and locating the spots that whales can be more likely to be found. The staff is professional and friendly. You can get more information by contacting the agency.

  • Royal tours whale watching Mirissa

This tour agency located at Ranaviru Mawatha Maradana, Mirissa North. This staff is also friendly and provides their service to you with care.  The boat is luxurious and comfortable. According to whale spotted time, the journey can be 3 – 5 hours. You can find the rates and schedule and other information from their official website. They also offer private whale watching boat tours.

  • Mirissa Water Sports

This tour agency is located at Senasuma, Harbour road, Mirissa. The staff is kind and responsible. They provide their service with care. You can make appointments through their website or contact them by using the contact details on their website.


spa weligama beach

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

After a long day of surfing or any other physical activities such as cycling, running, etc who won’t love a relaxing massage? Having a good massage helps to review your energy to 100%. 

There are many spa places located in and around Weligama as it is a very popular surfing area. But when selecting a good spa you have to consider the hygiene of the place and the professionalism of the staff.

The staff also should be well trained to perform the massage with balanced energy with correct pressure.

Follow are some best-reviewed spas in the Weligama area that you can visit sometimes to relieve the stress.

Keep in mind that most hotels offer spa services to guests who are staying there. So first check with the hotel you are staying in to make sure whether they offer spa services or not.

  • Good spa 

Located at Mahawatta, Polwatta, Weligama. This spa offers; massage, body and skin care, bath, and body waxing.  The staff is very professional, well trained and good at communication. You can address any concerns or questions you have about any procedures. The space has a relaxing atmosphere.  After the relaxing massage, you can relax more on the riverside.

  • Deergayu Ayurvedic Spa – Weligama

Located at 47/A, Samaraweera pedestal, Weligama. Offers a variety of massages pain relief, sports, ayurvedic massages, etc. This spa offers its services for a reasonable price. The staff is well trained and professional. They are good at communication so feel free to ask any question about their services. You can also have a cup of herbal tea there. This is one of the spas where you can get an authentic ayurvedic experience in Weligama.


Sri Lanka has more scenic roads and beautiful locations all around the island. If you are tired of sitting on the beach or surfing you can rent a bike or cycle and tour around the Weligama area.

Even though the town and beachside seem crowded there are many rural sides in the Weligama area that have a more scenic view with a peaceful atmosphere. You can visit one of these locations or you can just cycle with the cold wind on your face.

There are many places where you can rent your bikes or cycles. Before renting compare prices and try to choose the place with the most reasonable price.

8.visiting Temples 

Sri Lanka is an island with lots of temples that were built in ancient times. Most pilgrims visit the temples to release the negative energy and fill their selves with positivity or just to reflect on themselves.

Even though you are not a Buddhist you can spend your evenings in one of these temples’ relaxing environment.  And reflect your selves and practice mindfulness.

Most of these temples have arts from ancient times that have lots of value. If you are someone who values arts or who likes to be surrounded by art pieces you can also visit these temples to appreciate the art.

  • Sri agrabodhi Raja Maha Viharaya

This ancient temple is located 15km from the main road Weligama (between Weligama and Midagama town). It was built by king Devanampiyatissa ine 236 B.C. The 1st sapling from Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi (Anuradhapura) is planted at this temple.

In the evenings this temple can be crowded with pilgrims, so we recommend going in the mornings or at night.

  • Bodimalu viharaya – Weligama

This ancient temple is located at Hettiwidiya, Weligama. This temple is the only “vatadage temple” in the southern province.  This temple was built in ancient times and has many ancient and valuable art pieces.

  • Pelena Sri Gangarama Viharaya

This ancient temple is one of the oldest temples in Sri Lanka. The temple space is beautiful and peaceful. You can visit at any time of the day to be slow down and reflect on this peaceful environment.

9.Street Foods

Photo by Pragyan Bezbaruah from Pexels

There are many street food places situated along Weligama beach.
There are small shops that sell kottu roti, hoppers, egg hoppers, pol roti, and egg roti. Sometimes the hygienic of these places can be questionable.  So it is better if you inquire about the place you are staying or your local guide or the locals when selecting a place.

There are also burger and submarine trucks that offer you delicious burgers and subs with drinks.

You can also find vendors that sell King Coconut water from place to place. I highly recommend you to try some delicious king coconut water during your visit as it relief your thirst on a hot day. And in our opinion, it is only second to the water.

You can also find vendors that sell herbal teas such as “beli mal”, “ranawara” and green juices and porridges like” kola Kanda” and also different fruit juices.

At your stay make sure to try some of these but with precautions.

10.Walk on the beach

Sri Lanka is famous for its sandy beaches. Weligama is one of them. Early morning and evening walks are highly recommended as they can calm you down and make your day peaceful.

With golden and mild sun rays and the sound of the waves, this experience may become more peaceful.

Of course in most evenings especially on weekends, the beach can be crowded as most locals also come to the beach to release their stress and to play games like cricket, beach volleyball, etc.

But watching them while sitting on the beach can be more relaxing and joyful than walking on a secluded beach, isn’t it?

Summary -

Weligama is one of the famous tourist areas in Sri Lanka. Many tourists visit Weligama just for surfing. But there are many more things that you can do apart from surfing. Weligama is one of the towns that still exists rural vibes. You can experience them if you go into the country from the seaside. Even if you are visiting Weligama for the first time or you already had to visit Weligama and planning the next visit add one or two things from this list to your “To-Do list” and get the full experience of Weligama.




Hello, Im a content writter, Traveler who lives in weligama area.

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