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Rent a bike in weligama

Recently, renting bikes while traveling is becoming more popular than using four-wheel vehicles. Traveling by bike, let you discover more scenic routes and places which are not reachable if you travel from large vehicles. Also, traveling by bike/ scooter gives you more chances to interact with locals and to enjoy the beautiful environment more. Also, it saves you a lot of money.

As Weligama is a very famous tourist area, there are many bike renting companies in the area. But it is not always easy to find a company with good vehicles and good customer service.

follow are some best-reviewed bike/ scooter renting places in the Weligama area:

1. Sumith renters

This bike renting place is situated at Borala rd, Weligama. The bikes are in good condition. The staff is professional, friendly, and attentive. The customer care service is good and they respond quickly. You can connect them via WhatsApp. The office is open 24/7. 
The rates are reasonable you can get more information about their renting services by visiting their official website.


This renting place is located at Abigangama Rd, Weligama. They offer their services at a reasonable price. This place is open for 24 hours. Good customer service and easy communication. You can contact the place via mobile. The bikes are in good condition. The staff is friendly and you can ask any questions about the bikes.
You can go through the documentation process while enjoying a fresh juice.

3. Surf Lanka Tours 

This is also a tour agency. You can rent the bike and plan or book a tour at the same place. Their office is located at Borala rd, Weligama. It is open for 24 hours. Friendly staff and good customer service. The bikes are in good condition and the rates are reasonable. You can contact them via mobile to get further information.

4. Villa Serenity Bike Rent

This renting place is located at Walana, Hospital rd, Weligama. This place is a small business and has few bikes. So you have a few options only. But the bikes are in good condition and the price is reasonable. The staff is friendly and attentive. The renting process is easy. You can get more information about price rates, available bikes for the time you want to rent etc by contacting them via WhatsApp. Goof customer service.


This renting place is located at Wadanwaththa, Pelana, Weligama. The owner of this place is friendly. Good communication. Renting process is easy. The rates are reasonable. If you need any adjustment in paying method or rates you can talk with the owner.


How to rent a bike in Sri Lanka?

⦁    First, you have to find a good rental company that matches your requirements. 
⦁    Then by contacting them you can check the availability of the vehicle you want to rent and rates.
⦁    If you are satisfied with the rates then you can proceed.
⦁    Then the company will ask you for your driving license.
⦁    If you are not a Sri Lankan citizen, then you must have either an international driving permit or a temporary Sri Lankan driving license to drive a vehicle in Sri Lanka legally. 
⦁    The company may ask for a copy of either passport or the driving license for the documentation process (this can vary according to the rental company you choose).
⦁    After going through the verification and documentation process you can have the bike for the time you paid for.

How to choose a “bike renting” place in Sri Lanka?

when renting a bike in Sri Lanka you have to check for following factors;

I.    Registration - make sure that the place you rent the bikes is a registered place. Always try to get your services from a proper renting place rather than renting vehicles from a random bike owner. The reason is that type of vehicles may not be in good condition and you may face lots of problems if you try to travel for a long distance. Also, there can be mistakes in the documentation process and the worst-case scenario, the bike can be a stolen one.

II.    Insurance - make sure the bikes you are renting has full insurance. Otherwise, it will be hard to solve things in case of an accident and you may have to pay your own money to settle things.

III.    Conditions of the bike – considering the condition of the vehicles of the place you choose is very important. If the vehicles are unkept and old those vehicles can make lots of issues if you travel long-distance. So make sure to consider the condition of the vehicles.

IV.    Rates - When choosing a bike renting place make sure to compare the rates of the places. When comparing the prices consider the vehicle condition too.

V.    Customer Service - make sure the renting place has 24 hours customer service with easy access. As you drive in an unfamiliar area you can face many difficulties related to the vehicle. So make sure the customer service is easily accessible to avoid more problems and interruptions during your tour.

How to get a temporary driving license in Sri Lanka?

You can get a temporary driving license from DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle), Sri Lanka. 

Their Office is situated on Werahara and the office opens only on weekdays from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.

*The process takes only about 30 minutes.

Before applying for a temporary driving license in Sri Lanka first you have to check whether you are eligible or not. They do not issue the temporary driving license for some countries and your country should be approved by the Department of Motor Traffic Sri Lanka. To know more about your eligibility to apply for a temporary driving license in Sri Lanka go to the official website of the Department of Motor Traffic, Sri Lanka.

When applying for a temporary driving license you must have the following documents;

⦁    copy of the driving license offered by your country.
⦁    if the license is not in English, you need to have an English translation of your license issued by your country.
⦁    the license should be valid for the conversion date.

*Some rental companies even preprocess the temporary driving license for you. You have to contact the rental company beforehand to make sure whether this service is available or not.


As you can see a renting a bike is a whole process. You have to be very careful when selecting the “bike renting” place and the vehicle etc. Then you have to go through the whole documentation process which needs either your international driving permit or temporary driving license. Acquiring a temporary driving license is a whole separate process. You can make this process easier by contacting your local guide or any other person you know who has good knowledge about this whole process. Even though the process seems like a lot to handle in the end it is worth all the effort as you can enjoy beautiful nature more and know more about this culture by interacting with locals more.




Hello, Im a content writter, Traveler who lives in weligama area.

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