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Nightlife in Weligama - Beach parties / Pubs near Weligama

If you are planning a vacation to Weligama with friends and looking for party places in Weligama, then you  have landed at the right place. Here is a list of the best pubs near Weligama where you can head to for amazing parties/beach parties in Weligama or near Weligama.

Most popular parties to enjoy nightlife near Weligama beach

Night parties are one of the best things in down south of Sri Lanka. Here are some cool parties you can attend to truly experience the nightlife in Weligama.

Frequently asked questions about nightlife in Weligama

Do these places charge an entrance fee?

yes. 90% of party places charge an entrance fee while few places don't charge an entrance fee.

What is the best way to get to these places?

Many people use TukTuk to go to night parties, as public transportation is limited at night. don't forget to ask the price before getting into a TukTuk.

Are there daily parties in these places?

No. Most places have weekly parties and some places have parties twice a week. you should check their official Facebook or Insta pages before going there.



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