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Best places for whale watching in Weligama

Whale watching is something you should add to your to-do list if you are planning to travel to Sri Lanka. Weligama- Mirissa area is the best area to watch beautiful and mighty sea creatures like the blue whale, on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. 
There are many places in Weligama – Mirissa area where you can plan your whale watching tour with. They offer many packages and you can choose one that matches your need and the budget.

Follow are some best-reviewed places that offer whale watching tours:

  • Whale watching club

This place is located at harbor rd, Mirissa. They are open from July to May. You can arrange additional tours in different months according to the weather. The tour includes breakfast, morning tea/ coffee with snacks. You can book tours by contacting them. The staff is well trained and they are professional and friendly. They are good at communication. So you can communicate well with them and ask for more information about your tour. The boats are in good condition. 

  • Nathalia Cruise Mirisssa

This whale watching place is located at Galle road, Mirissa. They are good at providing their services to the customers. They will take care of you throughout the journey. They are good at locating the spots that whales can be more likely to be found. The staff is well trained, professional and friendly. You can get more information by contacting the agency.

  • Royal tours whale watching Mirissa

This whale watching place is located at Ranaviru Mawatha Maradana, Mirissa North. The staff is also friendly. They always provide their service to the customers with care.  The boat is in good condition. It is luxurious and comfortable. According to whale spotted time, the journey can be 3 – 5 hours. Visit their official website to find the rates and schedule and other information. They also offer private whale watching boat tours.

  • Mirissa Water Sports

This whale watching place is located at Senasuma, Harbour road, Mirissa. The staff is well trained for sea traveling and locating whales and other creatures. The staff is kind, friendly and responsible. They provide their service with care. You can make appointments through their website or contact them by using the contact details on their website.

How to choose a place to book your whale watching trip?

When selecting a place for whale watching you have to consider many things. Especially safety comes first as you have to be on the sea for more than 3 hours and you have to travel a huge distance into the sea.

License/ registration – the place has to be registered in order to offer whale watching tours.

Trained staff – the staff on the boat must be well-trained professionals and they have to be good at life-saving and first aid. As we travel into the deep water someone can fall into the ocean by an accident. So the available staff on the boat has to save the person and give first aid.

Boat’s condition – the boat has to be in good condition. Sometimes the ocean can be rough so the boat must be strong and must be in good condition to sail safely.

Availability of life vests/ jackets and life rings and other safety measures  - 

Availability of refreshments and clean water – some tour agencies offer snacks, beverages, and water with the package. As you get easily dehydrated while sailing availability of clean water and other beverages is important. So make sure to find a travel agency that offers refreshments or allows you to carry your water and refreshments.


01.    Best time to go whale watching in Sri Lanka?

Between December and April is the best time of the year to go for whale watching on the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

02.    What you can see on the whale watching trip?

•    Blue whales
•    Sperm  whales
•    Pilot whales
•    Killer Whales
•    False Killer whales
•    Bryde’s whale
•    Bottlenose dolphins
•    Stripped dolphins
•    Spotted dolphins
•    Spinner dolphins
•    Rissos dolphins
•    Fish species
•    Turtles

03.    How long a whale watching trip can be?

Whale-watching trips can be very time-consuming. It can take about 3 – 5 hours according to the number of sea creatures you get to see.

04.     Do whale watching trips be a success all the time?

No, they don’t.

Every place that offers whale watching trips does not 100% guarantee that you can see all the sea creatures, especially blue whales all the time. The reason is these creatures are in their natural habitat not in cages or in a man-made artificial environment. So anyone cannot 100% guarantee that you can see those creatures. The sailors know their natural swimming patterns so they follow them. But there can be changes and so their guesses can be wrong.

05.    Can pregnant women go whale watching?


Due to the roughness of the sea, most places do not offer their services for pregnant ladies.

06.    Can small kids go whale watching?

Most places do not offer their services to children under four because of the roughness of the sea. 

07.    How to go whale watching if you have motion/ seasickness?

⦁        Do not have a heavy meal before the tour.
⦁        Have a motion sickness pill before the tour, if available.
⦁        Make sure to inform the staff before the tour starts.
⦁        Make sure to breathe properly throughout the tour.
⦁        Keep disposable bags with you.
⦁        Avoid going the trip if you have severe seas sickness.

08.    Do you need to carry your water and refreshments on a whale-watching trip?

Most tour places offer refreshments and water. Make sure to check their available packages and contact them to make sure whether they are offering refreshments or not.



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