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Rent a car in Weligama

When traveling in Sri Lanka it is not always easy to travel by public transportation. If you are a person who likes to travel comfortably in your own private space then the best way is to rent a vehicle. 

If you are not comfortable enough to drive on your own you can hire a vehicle with the driver/guide. By going for this option you can travel around the country safely and you can go to many places that you may miss if you are not familiar with the routes.

Follow are some of the best-reviewed "car renting" places in Weligama:

1.Car rental and taxi services - in Weligama

This car rental and taxi service are located at White house. Weligama. They offer many services such as airport pickup, monthly car rental services, taxi services per km budget etc. You can find a good and comfortable car from here. They also have vans and mini cabs too. You can either rent your car or hire the car with a driver. they also offer tours for a reasonable price. Has responsible and friendly drivers. Contact the owner via mobile to get more information.

2. Ez Rent A Car and Cab services Matara

This car agency is located in Matara (neighbour town of Weligama). You can rent a car or hire a cab service. They do Airport pickups, tours, car rental without a driver or with a driver. Professional and skillful drivers. Responsible staff. Contact them via mobile to get more details.

3. T.W. Tours and car rental

This car rental agency is also located in Mata (neighbour town of Weligama). You can either rent a car or hire a cab. You can also book a tour and travel with the driver/ guide. professional staff. Responsible and skillful drivers. Visit their website or contact them via mobile to get more information.

If you are staying near the Weligama area we can help you to find a good place with a fair rate to rent or hire a vehicle.

contact us via WhatsApp +94703220721


How to rent a car in Sri Lanka?

⦁    The first thing you have to do is find a good car rental or vehicle company that matches your needs. 
⦁    Then you have to contact them by any available methods (eg - via mail, mobile etc) and make sure that the vehicle you are interested in is available for the time you want and the rates.
⦁    If the rates and the available vehicle is for your satisfaction, you can proceed with the renting process.
⦁    The renting process requires some documentation such as your driver's licence/ international driving permit or temporary diver's licence.
⦁    If you are not a Sri Lankan citizen, to drive a vehicle in Sri Lanka legally, you must have either an international driving permit or a temporary Sri Lankan driving licence.
⦁    During the renting process, the company may ask you for copies of some documentation like a driver's licence(this can vary according to the rental company you choose).
⦁    Before the documentation process starts, make sure to check the vehicles' condition, and insurance to avoid any problems during the renting period.

How to choose a “car renting” place in Sri Lanka?

when renting a car in Sri Lanka you have to check for following factors;

Registration - you have to make sure that you are renting the vehicle from a registered place to avoid any unwanted problems. The rates can be higher when renting from a registered rental place but you may have to face problems if you rent your car from a random stranger. But there are hire services offered by single-car owners. But before renting or hiring such a car make sure to get recommendations from your guide or hotel you are staying at. Also, if possible check whether that person has online reviews or not.

The main reason is you cannot be sure about car condition and the other reason is if you rent a car from a proper renting place you have to go through documentation process which includes an agreement about the things the two parties are responsible for. So you have a clear idea about the things you have to take responsibility for and the things you don't have to.

But when renting a car from a random person do not have a documentation process like that even though their rates are low. It will give you many unwanted problems. So make sure to go for a proper registered renting place or trustful car owners who hire the vehicles professionally when renting a car.

Insurance - to drive a car or any vehicle in Sri Lanka the car has to be insured. According to law, having third-class insurance is satisfactory to drive, we encourage you to make sure to look for a vehicle with first-class insurance as it covers the driver as well.

Condition of the vehicle - condition of the vehicle has to be good. It should be well kept. Otherwise, you may have to face many problems.

Rates - when renting a car make sure to contact more than one “renting place” and compare the rates. That way you don't have to spend unnecessarily.
Customer Service - having good customer service is very important as you may face many problems when you drive around. Make sure that the place has 24/7 customer service and is easy to reach.

If you are staying near the Weligama area we can help you to find a good place with a fair rate to rent or hire a vehicle.

contact us via WhatsApp +94703220721

 How to get a temporary driving license in Sri Lanka?

To get a temporary driving license in Sri Lanka you have to go to  DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle), Sri Lanka. 
It is located in Werahara and only opens during weekdays from 9.00 Am to 3.00 Pm.

This process takes only about 30 minutes.

Before applying for the temporary driving license make sure to check your and your countries eligibility. Your country should be approved by the Department of Motor Traffic Sri Lanka. If you are not from an approved country then you cannot obtain a temporary driving license. 

To know about this process and other requirements visit the official website of the Department of Motor Traffic, Sri Lanka.
When applying for a temporary driving license in Sri Lanka you must have the following documents;

⦁    Copy of the driving license offered by your country.
⦁    English translation of the driver's license issued by your country if your passport is not in English.
⦁    The license should be valid for the conversion date.

*Some rental companies even preprocess the temporary driving license for you. You have to contact the rental company beforehand to make sure whether this service is available or not. Also, if you are hiring a local guide you can discuss this matter with him/ her beforehand to avoid any interruption during your journey.


Renting a car allows you to travel comfortably. You can just rent a car and travel on your own or you can hire a car with a driver. If you travel with a driver your tour may become more joyful and relaxed as you do not have to worry about routes or anything. Anyway, when choosing a place to rent or hire a vehicle always try to go for car rentals agencies. If you are hiring from a small business owner or single car owner make sure to get a recommendation from your local guide or hotel you are staying at or try to find any online reviews available.




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