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Best Surf spots in and near Weligama

Weligama is a known city among surfers who visit Srilanka. There are many good surfing spots in and near Weligama. Some of them are, Weligama beach, Midigama, Mirissa, Kabalana and Hiriketiya . 

Weligama is famous as the best surfing spot on the Southern coast for beginners. There are many surf schools around these areas so you can have surf lessons if you need them. There are also surf shops where you can buy your surfing gear from.

Where is Weligama?

Weligama is a town located in Matara District, Southern Province, Sri Lanka.

Why Weligama area is good for surfing?

According to the geographical location of Weligama beach, it is a good surfing spot for beginners. 
As the waves are small and clear and not many fast beginners can easily practice on these waves. If you go to more deep-sea you can find the waves more suitable for intermediates. Also, there are some beginner-friendly reef breaks surfers can try. 
The bay area is large so it can accommodate a huge number of surfers at once. Also, many fantastic surf schools offer their services for an affordable price.

Best surf spots in and near Weligama 

1. Weligama beach 

As we said earlier Weligama beach is best for beginners. Geographical features and the location of the Weligama bay area let beginner surfers learn to surf safely. Also, the variety of reefs in this area is beginner-friendly allowing the surfers to be a little adventurous.

Also, there are many fantastic surfing schools in the area. So you can have your surfing lessons for an affordable price.

Weligama area also has many shops to rent out or buy your surfing gear. Also, many restaurants serve delicious foods around this area. You can choose the restaurant according to your budget.

Even though the Weligama area has many perks it has some downsides too. The beach area is crowded. Especially during the surfing season we can see many locals and tourists both come to this area for surfing. This also attracts many vendors to the beach. So if you are going to the beach just to relax this is not the best place for you. Also, during the season we can see an increase in pollution in the area which also decreases the calming vibe of the beach.

2. Midigama

To find Midigama you have to travel in the direction of the Galle from Weligama.

Earlier Midigama area is not much famous among tourists. But because of the great surfing spots in this area many surfers now visit here.

These surfing spots are mostly suitable for experienced or intermediates surfers. As this area has fast waves it is not much beginner-friendly.

There are about five surf spots in MIdigama. 

Midigama also has good surfing schools that offer their services for affordable prices. There are also good restaurants around this area to have delicious meals and to grab a drink when you feel tired.

3. Mirissa 

Mirissa area is very popular among tourists not just for surfing but for many different fun activities. So the Mirissa area is crowded all the time. 

Even though this area is good for surfing it is more famous for its nightlife. Mirissa area is full of life during nighttime and good to spend your vacation, partying.

Anyhow, Mirissa has some decent reef breaks. Some good surf schools around the area offer their services. 

Mirissa area has surf spots for both beginners and advanced surfers.

4. Kabalana

You can find Kabalana beach when you travel in the direction of the Galle from Weligama. 

Same as Midigama, Kabalana also recently became famous among surfers. Earlier this area was not much crowded but now attracts so many surfers as it is a good surfing point.

This Kabalana reef break is mostly suitable for beginners. There are also some surfing schools around the area.

5. Hiriketiya

In Hiriketiya bay there are two surf spots. One is good for beginners and the other is good for more advanced surfers.

Even though this area was more chilled earlier now there are many ongoing constructions for hotels. So not good if you are looking just to be relaxed on the beach.

There are good local surfing schools near the area that offer their services for a reasonable price. 


There are so many good surf spots in and around the Weligama area. Other than the surfing spots mentioned here in this article there are many secret surfing spots in the area. But if you are not an advanced surfer we do not recommend going to these spots as these spots are mostly secluded and do not have lifeguards. 



Hello, Im a content writter, Traveler who lives in weligama area.

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