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Liquor shops / bars in weligama

Unlike in pubs and restaurants, liquors in liquor shops are not too expensive. because, In liquor shops, you only can buy arrack, whisky, beer or any other kind of liquors but you cannot drink in there. But in pubs or restaurants, you can hang out and chill with your friends while drinking.

There are 3 main liquor shops in Weligama city and there are another 1 bar in mirissa.

Liquor Shops/Bars List

  1. Cargills Food City Weligama
  2. New Wine Stores Weligama
  3. Weligama Wine Stores
  4. Nethmina Wine Stores Mirissa


which wine store is the best?

We highly recommend purchasing at Cargill's food city Weligama because they are keeping standards as a large organization.



Hello, Im a content writter, Traveler who lives in weligama area.

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