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What you should know about Weligama?

Weligama is a great tourist area in Sri Lanka. This area is very famous for its sandy beaches. Also, this area is very famous among surfers. The main industries of the Weligama are fishing and tourism. Weligama also has famous historical places such as “Kusta Raja gala” and many Buddhist temples. Weligama is also well known for its “beeralu lace-making” and for stilt fishermen, who catch small fishes by sitting on an erected single pole in the chest-deep water.

Location – 
Weligama is a town located on the Southern coast of Sri Lanka (approximately 144kms from Colombo). It is in Matara district, Southern Province, Sri Lanka. 

How to travel to Weligama?


From – Colombo fort (Pettah):

By train – You can get on the train from Colombo Fort station and get off at the Weligama station.

By bus – you can get into a bus that travels either on normal way or high way from Colombo Fort bus stand.

If you are travelling from the highway you have to go to Matara first and come back to Weligama by Weligama – Matara bus.

If you are travelling from the normal way you can get to Weligama by any bus that goes to Matara, Kataragama etc.

By taxi –  you can either travel from the normal way or highway by hiring a taxi or renting a car or van. If you are travelling from the high way you have to enter high way by “Kottawa entrance” and exit the highway from the “Weligama exit”

Why Weligama is so famous?

Weligama is famous among tourists mainly because of surfing. Weligama beach is very good for beginners to start surfing. 

Weligama – Mirissa area is also famous for whale and turtle watching.

There are many activities other than surfing and whale watching. Such as yoga, spa treatments and safari tours.

Is it worth visiting Weligama?

Yes, it is worth visiting Weligama at least once in your lifetime. It does not matter whether you are a Sri Lankan or a foreigner you should experience the beauty of sandy beaches, sunsets and village life.

Even though Weligama has a crowded town, you can experience the beautiful village life when you travel a little bit further into the country. Weligama area has a good combination of village life and urban life.

One of the main reasons you should visit Weligama is the food. In Weligama, you can try a vast variety of food made with Sri Lankan spices. The mouthwatering taste of these foods can make anyone satisfied. 

Is it safe to travel in Weligama?

Yes, it is safe to travel in Weligama. Like many tourist areas in Sri Lanka, Weligama is also safe to travel to.

There is a huge tourist community that is willing to help any tourist who visits Weligama.

But you have to be careful of scammers who pretend to help you. In such cases, you can always get help from the Weligama police.
There is a special unit called “beach police” who helps tourists to be safe.

In terms of road accidents as Weligama is the main town there can be a significant amount of accidents per day. Especially the long-distance buses travel at high speeds so you have to be extra careful when travelling on the main road by your vehicle.

If you are travelling by bus or train make sure to follow the rules and be safe as most buses and trains do not close the doors while travelling.

Ways to travel in Weligama?

Rent a bike – many places in Weligama rent bikes for a fair price. Bikes are the most affordable and the easiest way of travelling inside the Weligama. You can also arrange bike rides outside the Weligama for a fair price.

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Rent a bicycle – if you love riding a bicycle some places rent out bicycles in Weligama. Even though riding a bicycle can be tiresome it is a very enjoyable way of travelling.
Rent a car/ van – you can also rent a car or a van to travel inside Weligama. There are some places which rent cars/ vans with or without drivers. Most places offer the service for a fair price.

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By bus – travelling by bus is not always practical if you want to travel inside the Weligama. But some buses travel inside the Weligama. You can catch a bus by going to the nearest bus halt or the Weligama bus station.

Where can I stay in Weligama – 

  • Hotels (budget hotels/five-star hotels)
  • Villas
  • Hostels
  • Homes / apartments

Places you can visit in Weligama 

Taprobane Island -

Taprobane Island is located near Weligama bay. This Island is originally called “Galduwa”. This island is very small and has about two and a half acres. This Island is consists of one villa. this villa was built in the 1920s by Maurice Talvande. You can visit and stay in the villa to experience the beauty of the island. 

Weligama Bay

Handunugoda tea state

Ahangama beach

Kushta raja gala

Agrabodhi vihara and other temples

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Things you can do in Weligama 

  • Surfing
  • Yoga
  • Diving and snorkeling
  • Jet skiing and other water sports
  • Whale watching
  • Spa
  • Cycling
  • Visiting temples
  • Street foods
  • Walk on the beach

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If you need help with planning your trip in Weligama or finding a good place to stay or rent a vehicle you can contact the “Weligama beach “ community via WhatsApp +94703220721 or by Facebook.



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